Three Preparation Phases for Jubilee 2033


First Phase (2012-2020)

Jesus and his disciples1st Novena Preparation: Renewal of Church leadership to ONENESS OF EFFORT.

A nine-year ministry to activate Bishops and Priests to ONENESS OF EFFORT for evangelization. WORKING TOGETHER as never before is a powerful witness (Jn. 17:21; Rom. 15:5-6) as a preparation for the Great Jubilee 2033.

Bishops top conduct:

  • Retreats for priests entitled: “Called to be One”
  • Seminars on “Unity in Stewardship for priests”
  • Seminars on effective graced preaching

Jesus prayed for his first priests: “Father… that they may be one even as we are one.” (Jn. 17:22)

Unity/Oneness among priests is an imperative and witness for effective ministry: unity of communion, of ministry, and service.

Priests must be visible “servants of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.” (1 Cor. 4:1)


Second Phase (2021-2029)

WYD Spain2nd Novena Preparation: Inspiring and activating the LAITY TOWARDS EVANGELICAL DISCIPLESHIP.

Nine years to INSPIRE AND ACTIVATE THE LAITY: The 2.1 billion Christians will need to have a dynamic catechesis to make them active and living witnesses/disciples of Jesus.

Foster a Christ Encounter and Training for Mission through:

  • Schools of Evangelization
  • Seminars and Retreats on Discipleship
  • Encouraging the LAITY to common effort with ecclesial movements for evangelization
  • A vigorous prayer campaign

“Being evangelists is not a privelege but an obligation. The Lord asks all Christians: ‘Whom shall I send?’ Respond with the same courage and confidence of Isaiah: ‘Here I am, send me’ (Is. 6:8).” – Pope Benedict XVI

“We need to look to the future… so that grace received be put into action. This is a task I wish to invite all local Churches to undertake.” – NMI/3


Third Phase (2030-2032)

social media

“All Churches need a renewed missionary impulse, docile to the action of the Spirit who accompanies the heralds of the Gospel and opens hearts of listeners. At the root of all evangelization lies a desire to share the inestimable gift of JESUS” – Pope Benedict XVI

The FOCUS for these three years will be the personality of Jesus in His Public Ministry. An appeal must be presented to every person of the irresistible attraction of the personality of Jesus through dynamic preaching, every form of media and catechetics. People must find the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS wondrously exciting, satisfying and fulfilling. This must be a GLOBAL EFFORT.


  • Encourage Bishops and Church leaders to harness lay resources to evangelize through drama and the media
  • Evolving media offers new and limitless opportunities to reach out and evangelize worldwide

“Giving Jesus to the world and the world to Jesus demands miracles. We need to go out and get the miracles. We need to pray together from one end of the globe to the other to make the Good News reach every nation, every city, every creature, every man, woman, and child. If we pray, we can do it! God wants of us nothing more, and expects nothing less.” – Fr. Tom Forrest, C.Ss.R.