Duc In Altum Put out into the deep

EV 2033 reminds us:

  • “The Church exists to evangelize” – Pope Paul VI
  • “We need a new evangelization: new in fervor, new in method, new in expression” – Bl. John Paul II
  • “PUT OUT INTO THE DEEP…” – Jesus Christ (Lk. 5:4)


The vision is to transform the Jubilee Year 2033 itself into the greatest and the most joyous and vibrant proclamation of joy and gratitude the world will ever experience and may ever again experience.


Our mission is to get the whole world thinking about and actually accompanying Jesus Christ; to engage in a spiritual and intellectual effort to understand and explain Him and His importance to every human being living on Earth across all its five continents:

  • Asia-Oceania
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America

“It is the duty of the Church to proclaim always and everywhere the Gospel of Jesus.” – Pope Benedict XVI